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Glow Big Or Go Home Bundle

Glow Big Or Go Home Bundle

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The Glow Big Or Go Home Bundle features our Rose Brightening Moisture Mask and Cica Calming Moisture Mask in JUMBO sizes. They work hand in hand to reduce the appearance of tired and irritated skin to achieve healthy looking skin within 20 minutes, with $18 savings (2s Moisture Masks).

Kickstart your day with our Rose Brightening Moisture Mask as part of your morning skincare routine; and Cica Calming Moisture Mask at night to calm skin with the soothing power of Cica.

This Glow Big Or Go Home Bundle features:

  • 1x Rose Brightening Moisture Mask Jumbo 15pcs
  • 1x Cica Calming Moisture Mask Jumbo 15pcs
  • 1x Rose Brightening Moisture Mask sheet (worth $4)
  • 1x Cica Calming Moisture Mask sheet (worth $4)
  • $18 savings

1. What is the difference between Rose Set Glow Hydrating Mist & Bright Me Up Vitamin Mist?

While both toning mists are suitable for all skin types, Rose Mist is made with Black Rose extract, Ectoin, and Tannin complex, making it a super antioxidant to protect our skin from external aggressors. Vitamin Mist is made is AHA Fruit Complex, Ectoin, and Wintergreen Leaf extract, making it an effective exfoliant and brightener to promote cellular renewal for a smooth and brighter skin.

2. How do I use LUMI Toning Mists?

Simply spritz it onto your face and neck after cleansing every morning and night, before your serum application.
It also can be used as an on-the-go refresher mist, or makeup setting spray to give skin extra hydration and glowing look.


3. When is the best time to use the toning mists?

As a toner, you can use it after cleansing your face to maintain skin's pH level, then proceed with the application of serum / moisturizer for faster product absorption.
Use it post-makeup to give your skin extra hydration and glow that you dream.  You can use them anytime when your skin needs the extra hydrations too!

4. Does this works the same as our normal toner?

Yes! In fact, with its micro mist feature, it promotes a better toner absorption into the skin as it has micro-sized molecules.

5. Can I use this toning mist together with all my other skincare? 

Our Toning Mists can be used with other skincare products as the Vitamin C extract in the Vitamin Mist is extracted from natural fruits, hence it won't clash with other ingredients. This apply for our Rose Mist as well.

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